Active older adults think  faster

Seniors who jog, swim, and play tennis think faster than peers who prefer sitting on a rocking chair. They are also better prepared when confronted with an unexpected dangerous situation such as while driving, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Champaign, Illinois led by Charles Hillman ([Reuters] Hamburger Abendblatt, June 2002).

A study from the Beckman Institute, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois found significant increases in brain volume in both gray and white matter regions in older adults who participated in aerobic fitness training. These results were not found in the control group of older adults who participated in the stretching or non-aerobic exercises such as toning.  This suggests that cardiovascular fitness is associated with the sparing of brain tissue in aging humans.  Furthermore, these results suggest a strong biological basis for the role of aerobic fitness in maintaining and enhancing central nervous system health and cognitive functioning in older adults.  PMID: 17167157 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

“Sport makes the brain more effective!”
Professor Manfred Spitzer, Direktor of  Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.
University. of Ulm, Germany, Center for Neurosciences

In the Golden Beats Brain Body Training program, it is important to think outside the box and experiment with various ways to implement cognition not only to your Golden Beats program but also your existing program.  Utilize drumming and movement patterns that address functional or daily activities, coordination, proprioception, balance, and increase stabilization as well as improve the neurological pathways and activation of the brain.  Take your participants beyond physical fitness and enter the world of training for the Body and the Brain!