Appropriate Equipment

  • Use approved “Anti–Burst” fitness balls. The size of the ball depends upon what style of class taught (sitting or standing),  what type of ball holder is being used, and the participant’s height.   A good rule of thumb is 65 cm – 75 cm for Standing Workout, 65 cm for a Sitting Workout. Refer to the Drums Alive® Basic Instructor training materials (either the Drums Alive®Basic Instructor Manual or the Drums Alive® Basic Online Home Study course) for more information on equipment. 
  • Use adequate Ball Holder or Step Riser.
  • use hardwood, high-quality drumsticks that are free of cracks, splinters, or broken tips.
  • Chairs for a Sitting Workout – Use only a straight back, armless chair (arms restrict all upper body movements).  DO NOT use folding chairs.
  • Scarves utilized during the juggling and proprioception portion of the class should be of good quality materials and should not rip, tear, or separate. Long scarves should have a double stitch on the edges.
  • Dots, circles, feet or other materials/props that are placed on the floor should be of a non-skid material.

Other materials may not be appropriate for Drums Alive®!