Aspects that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle as we age:

Physical Being

  • Being physically able to get around the home and neighborhood
  • Good nutrition and eating the right foods

 Psychological Being

  • Being able to have clear thoughts
  • Coping with what life brings

 Spiritual Being

  • Feeling that one’s life is accomplishing something
  • Participating in religious or spiritual activities


Physical Belonging

  • Having a space for privacy
  • Living in a place especially equipped for seniors

Social Belonging

  • Being able to count on family members for help
  • Relying on neighbors

Community Belonging

  • Being able to receive dental services
  • Going to places in the neighborhood (stores, etc.)


Practical Becoming

  • Caring for a spouse or other adult
  • Doing work around the home (cleaning, cooking, etc.)

Leisure Becoming

  • Having hobbies (gardening, knitting, painting, etc.)
  • Participating in organized recreational activities

Growth Becoming

  • Improving or maintaining one’s thinking and memory skills
  • Adjusting to personal life changes