Return back to a forward facing position.  Lift the Knee and perform Open Split Ball drumming (Single or Double Beats). Maintain proper posture and alignment.  Focus is towards the front. Practice drumming for 8 cts. then place the foot back down on the ground.  If this is not difficult for your participants then progress to the next exercise. Open split Ball Drumming 1
Extend the back leg, with abdominals lifted and back straight. Weight bearing leg can be bent or extended (with a slight flexion of the knee and activated quadriceps). Focus is slightly in front of the body and then towards the floor. Begin with the drumsticks on the ball to help support and maintain balance.  Begin with Single beats. (8 cts.) Advanced skill = Double Beats. Open split Ball Drumming 2
Advanced Balance Drumming Skill:  

Single Beat Drumming in combination with leaning forward is an advanced skill.  Do not utilize this skill unless participants are able to stand on one foot for an extended period of time.  If participants have vertigo or dizziness issues, do not perform this skill.

Begin with the Knee lifted as shown above.  Extend one leg towards the back and begin leaning forward as in the figure on the right.  Begin leaning into a deeper forward leaning position. Try to extend the standing leg slightly.  Continue drumming Single Beats.  Keep the leg extended towards the back and rise up to the starting position with the Knee lifted.  If possible do not touch the floor with the extending leg.

Tip:  Always provide options or modifications.

Open split Ball Drumming 3