Basic questions / points for training with older people

  • Special consideration of motivation, capacity, and medical indicators
  • Do they suffer from any illnesses – if yes, which ones?
  • Capacity for sport should be confirmed with the doctor who treats them
  • Is any medication being taken – if yes, which ones?
  • For safety, it is vital that the heart rate is measured during training. This may be done via a pulse monitor or measured several times during the hour–in breaks specifically set aside for this purpose–by the participants themselves. Prior training and practice in measuring their own pulse may be needed.

Trainability for endurance

The functional capacity of the cardio-pulmonary system is of central significance for health. Therefore, general endurance training capacity and the encouragement of this in old age is of pressing importance. The exercise intensity should be about 50% above the maximum endurance capacity (exercise limit) to begin with, but can increase to 70-80% later.