Chapter 4: Practical Assignments

  1. Pick three emotions such as Anger, Sadness, and Happiness. (See Below)
  2. Select three songs that represent or depict the selected emotions.
  3. Play each selected piece of music and at the same time try to Drum syncronization to the rhythms being played.
  4. Select a different piece of music and this time try to Move in syncronization with the music´s emotion being played.
  5. Select a new piece of music and try to Drum and to Move in syncronization with the music, rhythms, and dynamics of the music.

Sample Mood Card

Tip:  For a visual effect and stimulation of the visual cortex of the brain, find a photo that represents to you the particular emotion being played, drummed, or danced. The Drums Alive® Mood Cards (sample illustrations above) can be purchased from Drums Alive.  Contact us at