Chapter Eight:  Practical Assignments

This practical assignment will help prepare you for your Drums Alive ® Golden Beats class.  Remember that you will not be able to utilize all of these skills with all of your clients.  This section is truly the meat and potatoes of your program.  It will require time and energy to complete this chapter but once it is completed you will be prepared to teach a Drums Alive ® Golden Beats class. It is important for you to pick and choose, mix and match those skills that are most applicable for the physical, mental, social and emotional levels of your students.

  1. Review and practice the movements, skills, techniques, exercises and games found in this chapter.
  2. Review, practice, and learn each of the Golden Beats Choreography videos included in this course with their accompanying music.
  3. Review each video and the choreography with the accompanying music before progressing to the next set of videos and music.
  4. Practice all of the skills in each section alone before trying this out with your clients.  Once you have experienced the skills located in this Drums Alive® Golden Beats course it is time for you to introduce the program to your students.