Circle Choreography

Circle Choreography

CD: Golden Beats Vol. 1, Vol. 2.
Formation/Ball Setup: Outside Circle – Stability Ball distance apart: Approx. 1 ½ feet . Inside Circle. Place 4 – 8 stability balls in the center of the circle depending upon the number of participants drumming. Inside stability balls are touching each other. They should be secured with ball holders so they do not roll.
Pattern A

  • Begin with Basic Drumming: 4x Double Beats (DB), 8x Single Beats (SB)
  • Repeat Basic Drumming often
Pattern B

  • Side Step to the Right until reach Right Neighbor Ball (RNB), DB 4x
  • Return to Own Ball (OB) DB 4x
  • Side Step to LNB, DB 4x, Return to OB, DB 4x
  • Repeat Side step R and L often
Pattern C

  • Walk to the center of the circle 4 counts, then drum on the stability balls on the inside circle with 4x DB
  • Walk back to OB 4 cts, then DB OB 4x
  • Repeat Walk Forward and Back often
Pattern D

  • Side Step to Right Split Ball Position (4cts) then 4x Split Ball Tempo DB (RNB & OB)(4 cts)
  • Myra – Right, Left, (8 cts)
    • Myra = Standing in Split Ball position;
      • Open DB, (ct. 1)
      • Rotate to the right side ( Base Position 2b) and DB on RNB, (ct. 2)
      • Open DB, (ct. 3)
      • Overhead Clicks (OC) (ct. 4)
      • Repeat entire pattern to the left
    • Repeat Myra
      • Side Step back to OB (2cts) then 6x SB
      • Repeat entire pattern to the Left

Repeat Pattern A, B, C, D