Depression and Burnout


The Technical University of Chemnitz suggests that Drums Alive ® could help in the treatment of people with depression. – Jacqueline Böhr Msc.

Drums Alive® appears to be suitable especially for this population due to its unique combination of fusing music, drumming, movement, and pulsating rhythms that create a contagious and motivating FUN program.

The results of this research intervention show that the fun feeling of the group that performed Drums Alive® as their intervention was significantly higher than that of the comparison group.

Compared to conventional sports therapy, Drums Alive® has a significantly higher  “Fun Factor” and motivational factor, which may contribute to better compliance for depression patients.

Representation of subjective comments made by patients concerning the “Fun and Motivation” of Drums Alive® during the research intervention

Quotes from research intervention patients concerning the “fun and motivation” of Drums Alive®:

  • “You can really tune out everything and it does not enter the mind during the class and you are able to forget for a while.”
  • “I live … I live … before this class I had not lived” 
  • “It really is FUN and I can finally de-stress” 
  • “I can feel myself again …”