The drum is one of the most ancient instruments, dating back tens of thousands of years. It has been used for festivals, celebrations, healings, and rituals in the most diverse cultural areas. The sound of the drum and its simple, strong rhythms allow humans to experience a connection with the earth and its natural energy flow. Drumming awakens a noticeable energy, a vitality in us, which lets us know intuitively that rhythm is good medicine. The beating of the drum is an intimate dialogue that shifts us into another world, where spirit, bodies, soul and nature can dance together as one.

Used as a powerful spiritual tool, drumming transports people into shamanic states of consciousness that closely approximate the base resonant frequency of the Earth. By combining the vibrational tones of meditation with the “Earth’s frequency” resonating beat of the drum, people can tap into their psychic inner ability.

In Shamanic traditions, the drum is the most important tool. Many consider the drum the single most consciousness-moving healing effect in human life. An ancient technology that has carried through to today’s world, Shamanic drumming is a “visualized prayer” that is used to connect with loved ones in a powerful and unique way.

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“The tree birthed the drum, so that we and spirit could speak with common tongue.” – E. Bonnie Devlin, Huntogi drum Master, UU Minister