The Drums Alive® method integrates and utilizes the philosophies of many therapeutic applications such as Movement Therapy, Dance Therapy, Music Therapy, and Sound Therapy. Please refer to the Drums Alive® Basic Instructor training materials (either the Drums Alive® Basic Instructor Manual or the Drums Alive® Basic Online Home Study course)  for more information. When teaching a Golden Beats program it is important that the essential principles for the Drums Alive® program are observed:

  • Proper posture, body perceptions and kinesthetic awareness
  • Movements are fluid and continuous through a ROM that is appropriate for each individual
  • Functional movements that represent daily movement patterns
  • Neuromuscular rhythmical/movement patterns are developed to stimulate the right and left brain hemispheres
  • “Whole-brain” communication (3 dimensional patterns)
  • Movements on multiple planes and spatial directions; utilization of movement with mental challenges
  • Create balance, right and left sides, utilizing different patterns
  • Awareness of directional changes, which are designed to help improve spatial awareness
  • Strength and muscle balance and functional movement patterns
  • Apply agility, reaction, and quickness skills and techniques
  • Coordination and proprioception skills integrated with balance and holding patterns
  • Vestibular, auditory, and ocular changes and exercises
  • Techniques and methods to improve music, rhythm and movement synchronization, and expression
  • “Brain Beats” drumming techniques such as complex skills and multi-directional activities integrated throughout the Golden Beats program are designed to help improve both physical and brain health. Examples of this include, among others, drumming skills such as: Cross Overs, Eye Hand Coordination, X-patterns, Open Cross, Close Cross, Cognition 1 and 2 sequences
  • Combine a cognitive thought process with movement and rhythmical patterns
  • Allow time to cool down physically and mentally