Fall Prevention Measures

Fall prevention activities are essential to help avoide the risk of a serious injury.  Even the fear of falling may lead to an increase of falls.  New participants often have fears when starting any new fitness program.  While we view Golden Beats as pure unadulterated FUN – the class set up may be intimidating for new attendees.  Here are some common fears:

  • Others may think that I am too old, too fat, too slow, or too awkward to exercise. Assure them that everyone can exercise–especially in a Drums Alive Golden Beats class! It’s for everyone, of every age, every ability level!
  • What is appropriate dress for this class?  Let them know it’s most important to wear what’s comfortable for them and allows them to move about freely. 
  • The exercises may be too hard for me. Reassure them that you will show them how to adapt it to their ability.
  • I won’t know anyone in the class. Encourage other members of the class to welcome newcomers and help them to feel comfortable.
  • I won’t feel welcome or accepted. Assure them that everyone had to start somewhere and others in the class will welcome and encourage their participation.
  • I won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class.  Reassure them that everyone is encouraged to take things at their own pace and ability–this is not a contest and we’re all here to support each other. 

It is important to recognize the risks associated with falling such as;  experiencing dizzness, unstability, have fallen before and or afraid of falling. If any of these risks occur, make an appointment with a doctor to discuss an individual fall prevention plan.  (See tips below)



Examples of Simple Balance skills you can practice in your Golden Beats class:

  • Wide Balance, Narrow Balance, Step Up and Balance, Lateral Step Up and Balance.
  • Lift one foot and do point-and-flex or ankle circles. Switch to other foot.
  • Rise up on tip toes. Toe taps/heel lifts.
  • Shift weight from one leg to the other, front and back: Step Knee Lift, Step Side -Knee lift.
  • Single leg stance – use your drum sticks in contact with the ball to provide additional stability.
  • Side leg lifts w/holds – advance to Star Pose.
  • Eyes open/Eyes closed – any balance position ( side leg lift, tandem stance, single leg stance, airplane).
  • Tandem stance – between two balls with a drum stick tip in contact with the balls (advance by crossing arms over chest, turning head slowly, closing eyes, or shifting weight from front to back).
  • Head or vestibular change while marching or in a holding position–add arm skill (first symmetric, then asymmetric).
  • Reactive advance skills–leap on to one foot and balance (holding position to moving position).
  • Add drumming skills once participants are secure with the balance skills. Some Examples for drumming skills include: Double Beats, Single Beats, Cross Overs, Open Cross Overs, X-Drumming.

Focus Points:

  • Promote balance, sensory-motor skills, and coordination.
  • Provide the mind and body instant feedback through continuous movement and rhythmical flow.
  • Combine drumming and movement in order to achieve a synergistic effect between mind and body.

Safety Tip:

  • If participants have balance issues or vertigo, this may not be the right exercise for them to perform. Always keep safety in mind. Provide modifications and alternative skills.