“Drumming takes people outside of themselves and their illnesses and puts them in a place of childish pleasure and freedom. It provides a sense of community and connection.”  MacTavish 

Group drumming experiences stimulate empowerment and unify classrooms. The spirit of synergy stimulates inner rhythm that is genetically universal. Drumming is nature’s way to connect a community of learners through social, intellectual, spiritual, and self-expression exercises.

Wellness benefits are derived from nature’s healing rhythms. Cultures around the globe have used drumming healing powers for centuries. Recently, drumming has gained popularity in drum circles as ways to improve physical health and well-being. Alzheimer patients, recovering addicts, autistic children, and trauma patients are benefiting from the natural healing powers of drumming. Drumming also releases stress, aggression, and anxiety.   

The rhythm of life is a symphony and expression of our soul. When we drum, our inner voice resounds. Our energy raises, vitality improves and our emotions are exhilarated. Group drumming opens the doors of communication and allows us to speak where words often do not pass. Music, rhythm, and dance enhances self-esteem, ensures a healthy workout, stimulates our minds, boosts our creative potential, makes us laugh, and connects us on many levels.