A safe and successful Golden Beats program depends on the instructor’s ability to apply sound instructional principles and practices, as well as understand the nature of learning. Following the ACSM guidelines will help provide the instructor with a sound foundation of these principles and practices. In addition, the Drums Alive ® – Golden Beats program should pay special attention to the following:

  • To increase your success in teaching a Golden Beats class, it is important that you read this course material thoroughly as well as review the Drums Alive® Basic Instructor manual or the Drums Alive® Basic Instructor Online Home Study Course to help you understand more about the methods, philosophies and techniques of the Drums Alive® Programs. We recommend that you spend time practicing the drumming and movement skills in depth before teaching your students.
  • Always include the various elements of the Class Design in your classes. You may not be able to include all of the elements but select carefully according to your goals as well as the goals and physical / mental capabilities of your participants. 
  • Creating fitness experiences for ”Active Aging” that are challenging and fun at the same time will require careful planning.

Instructors need to explore various rhythm-based skills that may be adapted for various abilities throughout each class section (see below):

  • Warm-up Phase
  • Socialization and Team Building
  • Ice Breakers
  • Hand Clapping
  • Rhythm Games
  • Cultural Drumming
  • Cardiovascular Phase
  • Fun Choreography
  • Drumming Strong
  • Wellness Drumming
  • Cool – Down Phase
  • Always provide Balance, Proprioception skills throughout the class
  • Incorporate cognition and experiences for the brain!
  • Integrate creative moments throughout the program

Provide a nice balance from the various phases of the Golden Beats class design. Remember to provide variety and novelty but keep your program FUN…you want them to come back for more!

Equipment set up

Equipment Set up for each portion of the Golden Beats class will influence the flow and choreographic applications of the class.  Remember to always apply the safety rules!