Drums Alive® Golden Beats Training

Author:  Carrie J. Ekins, MA

CEO, Founder, Creator, Director of Education and Program Development

Contributing Authors: Jacqueline Böhr, Courtney Johnson, Sharon Jackson, Frauke Winkler

Drums Alive® Golden Beats is a Brain & Body program that stimulates people whether they are young or old, healthy or ill. When we drum and dance we are having FUN! This in return releases endorphins and releases negative feelings. The rhythm of the drumming and movement patterns increase brain wave activity which in turn provide feelings of euphoria and improved mental awareness and acceptance of self. Golden Beats® is a fun and engaging program specially designed for the aging adult population and is appropriate for those who are less mobile.


  • Learn a wide range of fun and engaging skills and drills specifically designed to help your clients maintain mental, physical, and social fitness necessary to maintain a healthy body and brain.
  • Discover how drumming and movement can contribute to the satisfaction of each participant’s individual needs and provides you, the instructor,  with a unique, fun, exciting alternative to traditional fitness classes for seniors.
  • Learn how to implement and lead rhythmical drumming and movement skills to improve proprioception, balance, and coordination through the use of drums and drumsticks that are appropriate for the aging population.