Let The Sunshine In Choreography/Lesson/Activity

In this fun lesson, Carrie demonstrates how to use the Drums Alive Number Cards to simulate the occipital lobe of the brain (responsible for vision). This lesson also stimulates the frontal lobe (responsible for memory and learning, planning, reasoning, and problem-solving), the temporal lobe (responsible for hearing, smell, and it houses the hippocampus which is responsible for emotion, memory, fight-or-flight), and the cerebellum (responsible for physical coordination and sensory perception).

This is a good example of how with thoughtful design, you can improve your students’ whole-brain and whole body health and wellness all while have FUN!

The suggested song for this is “Let The Sunshine In” and it’s available on the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC Ability Beats / Kids Beats Vol. 1 mp3 + mp4 download.

You can download the Drums Alive Number Cards–see below.