Maintaining Class Control – How to maintain control of the class?

Some older adult classes become, shall we say, a little TOO social.  Golden Beats is an easy class to regain order – use some of the following ideas if needed:

  • Before each class, demonstrate various cues for regaining control:
    • Rabbit’s ears, Fig leaf, Soldier, Martian – etc.
    • Follow the leader, Echo (such as clicking a rhythm and having them repeat the rhythm back to you)
  • Change the formation or room orientation
  • Lower the volume of your voice and/or the music
  • Remind participants that there will be ample time after class for socialization
  • Keep the class moving along– don’t allow for “down-time”
  • If you have one or two significant “troublemakers”, talk to them individually after class and explain that their disruptive behavior makes it hard for others to enjoy themselves and to hear important safety cues. This will only be received well if you have a solid relationship with the person!