Socialization Tips – How to encourage socialization in your class – before, during & after

  • Give your class an identity – “Welcome to the Friday morning Golden Beats class!”
  • Use different formations of the drums for interest and variety. A circle allows for more eye contact between participants, or two rows facing each other works well too!
  • Try to include some partner or small group activities during class – even if it is just a few moments to allow participants to walk around the room, meeting and introducing themselves to others in the room.
  • Change your drumming sounds – try some echoing, drumming to the words of a song, follow-the-leader, etc.
  • Provide mentoring or volunteer opportunities. Identify someone as the class mentor – this person makes sure that any new person coming in to class “learns the ropes” and gets drawn in and welcomed.
  • Organize a Golden Beats demonstration in a community setting – take your class to the local senior center, assisted living facility, or church.