Stay Connected!!!

“A six –year Harvard University study of 16,638 people found that those with the largest networks had the slower rate of memory decline.  Family and friends can mute the intensity of stress- and the brain´s chemical response”.

  • MacArthur Foundation´s studies on aging clearly demonstrates social interactions have positive effects on overall brain health.
  • Interactions with other people are important triggers of emotional responses.
  • Lack of social interactions = decrease of mental performance; therefore, as we age we lose social contact, so it is necessary to find opportunities for interaction.
  • A study from the University of Southern California showed that people in their 70´s who stayed physically and socially active returned to their mental function “facilities” much better than those that did not!
  • Social interaction causes synapses to form more connections, and those connections have thicker myelin sheaths, which allow them to fire more efficiently.

In addition, we know that isolation is a powerful risk for poor health.  Social support can help safeguard or even reduce some of the ill effects of aging.  It can also help protect against the stresses of life.  The success of social support lies with each individual.  A healthy balance of support both emotionally as well as hands-on support will help against the stresses of life. However, it is important to appreciate that unwanted or unneeded care can actually do more damage than good.  Therefore it is necessary to understand the living situation of the person.

Making your Golden Beats program a social support system for your participants will not only improve adherence and motivation but will also help improve mental and brain health.