Optimally devised training for older adults should be widely diversified and include a high proportion of endurance training and weight training, as well as exercising the coordinating capabilities and mobility. (c.f. Weineck 2000).

Drums Alive ® can fulfill these preconditions and is particularly suitable based on the recommendations.

Please note: Always pay attention to the individual conditions of the person, always keep the general requirements for training older adults in mind, above all, ask about any existing illnesses  (they must have permission to exercise from their doctor) and, where possible, use a heart rate monitor to ensure the health of the participant. Besides this, you should have an up-to-date First Aid qualification and you should always have the opportunity to call emergency services!

If you keep these points forever in the back of your mind, then nothing will stand in the way of your successful and enjoyable Drums Alive training.  Enjoy it!!