Syllables and Drumming

This can be used to improve cognitive awareness of the rhythmical patterns of speech. It helps improve rhythmical memory and associates learning with rhythm.

Begin by playing any 8-count rhythm. The group repeats this rhythm. Try this two more times with different rhythms. Now ask the group to repeat rhythm #1. You will recognize that, because there was no cognitive association, remembering the rhythm will be difficult.

Choose a saying or rhythmical pattern that everyone knows. For example:

I like to live in America

Boom Chicka Boom Chicka Boom Boom Boom

Mary had a little lamb

Ask the group to repeat by drumming pattern #1, 2 or 3. They will be able to immediately play the rhythm that you have chosen. This demonstrates the power of cognitive association!

Some ideas are adapted from: Mental Health Info and Links. Extracted 2004. Drumming for Health.

Please see the next lesson, Speech and Drumming Patterns, for a video illustration of this concept.