The Brain Responds Like A Muscle – “Use It Or Lose It”! 

What is good for the Body is also good for the Brain! – Ratey


Exercise is the single most powerful tool that we have to effectively utilize our Brain Function.  


Movement is not only good for the body, it is essential for our brain!  In the same way we can take care of our physical health, we can take charge of our mental health and fitness.  Brain Activity Mashups (B.A.M.) is based on solid scientific ground-breaking studies and substantial findings about the brain that will provide you with a strategy for keeping the brain fit.  B.A.M. aims to provide you with ways by which you can help your clients maintain a continual level of mental fitness, strength and flexibility throughout their lives.



Training of the Brain and Body Through Physical and Cognitive Activities 

This social, emotional, learning centric, innovative, evidence-based brain and body training is designed for the classroom and/or limited space environments! The skills are designed to help enhance mental, physical and social fitness necessary to maintain a healthy brain and body.  Discover how to use movement patterns, fun interactive games and protocols to address and improve motor memory, coordination, proprioception, balance, and mindfulness while activating the brain and igniting the body.


Learning Objective 1* Learn fun and engaging, neurologically-based skills through games and activities that promote executive function, concentration, awareness and mindfulness.  Review and apply the research that provides conclusive results regarding cognition and physical exercise being the most powerful tool to effectively enhance brain executive function.

Learning Objective 2* Experience how to implement new brain and body fitness, education and wellness protocols that will ignite a passion for learning in the classroom, gym, fitness centers, or senior facilities all while promoting overall health and wellness.

Learning Objective 3* Learn how to use these easily implementable lesson plans, tools and resources to stimulate the desire for learning, inspire creativity, improve attitudes and lead to a more enriched teaching environment.