Trainability for coordinating capabilities

Age-related reduction of the coordinating quality appears to take effect from the age of forty (Hollmann/Hettinger 1980, 165).

Decline of the capacity to coordinate is demonstrated in the following ways:

  • Reduction of the need to exercise
  • Depletion of the speed of movement
  • Decrease in the capacity to combine movements
  • Lowering of the quality of performance

Decreased physical capacity increases the risk of accidents!

Dance and forms of fitness that use dance-type movements are particularly recommended for the complex training of coordinating capabilities (Aerobics / Drums Alive, etc.). Suitable training can further improve general coordination, and precision and economy of movement in advanced age (Jablonovskij, in Israel et al. 1982, 297). Furthermore, sport slows down the decline of dendrites and suitably stimulates the networking of nerve cells at any age (Hollmann , 2000).