Warm Up Phase

The Warm up should be approximately 120-135 BPM and should include all the principles of a good warm up according to the American Council of Exercise. In addition, the Drums Alive ® program should include the following:

Focus Points:

  • Begin with mobilization movements and skills.
  • The Warm-Up blends and integrates the principles of drumming, rhythm, movement, and proper exercise designed to warm up the body; it lifts the spirit and prepares the mind for the Golden Beats workout.
  • A Warm Up should include all the principles of a proper warm up according to the American Council of Exercise (*please see the Drums Alive Instructor Manual).
  • Make sure participants are comfortable with the ball placement and moving in relationship to the stability balls and other participants before progressing to more advanced skills and choreography.
  • Practice safety skills before beginning the program.
  • The warm up should last approximately 5 – 20 min. depending upon the participant’s needs.

Safety Tips:

Before progressing to the next phase please make sure that participants are warm and ready to perform more advanced movement and drumming skills. It is always a good idea to practice the difficult positions, rhythms and moves slowly and without music before beginning the class! Below you will find some warm up ideas:

Mobilization Warm Up Ideas

Shoulder & Neck Combo

Very slow (8 beats) for each movement

  • Right shoulder roll
  • Head tip
  • Head turn
  • Chin to chest
  • Repeat left side
  • When ready – change to 4 beats for each movement

Shoulder Shrug Combo

Shrug shoulders rhythmically as follows:

  • Both shoulders – Up, down, up (Hold)
  • Down, up, down (hold)
  • Variation: Opposite shoulders (one up while the other is down, switch, switch/hold)
  • Slow weight shift – foot to foot (similar to a sway)
  • 2 doubles side ball – with side sways of upper body

Proprioceptive with Basic Drumming Warm-up

  • Hip shift – doubles 4
  • March – 8 singles
    • Repeat 4 times
  • Weight shift (like a sway) 2 doubles side ball w/side sways of upper body
  • Around the ball – 4’s, 2’s, and then singles – switch directions


Active Warm Up

Music Title:   Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

CD: Golden Beats Vol. 1DVD: Golden Beats Class Design – Sharon JacksonFormation/Ball Setup: Military or CircleChoreography: Sharon Jackson



Sequence Coaching Cues and Tips
Intro: 32 Base Position with SB (R / L) Use the rhythm in the music!!
Instrumental: 32 Extended DB (1-4), DB (5,6,7,8) x 4  Use the rhythm in the music!!
Chorus: 32 March Sequence R + L

March R around OB with SB left (8)

Base Position with Extended DB x4 (8)

Chorus: 32 Rpt. March Sequence R + L
Verse: 32

 (Your Kiss)

Split Ball Sequence (Right)

Base Position between RB and OB

Side Ball RB – OB – RB – OB – RB – OB

1,2 – 3,4, – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

Split Ball right side!
 Verse: 32


Easy Walk (beg. backwards 1,2 and forwards 3,4)

between Back Balls and Front Balls with SB on each

of the balls – R + L

Split Ball right side!
Verse: 32


Back to OB Base Position and Paradiddle SB* Beg. SB right *Single Beat:

 Single Single Double

Chorus: 32 March Sequence L + R
Chorus: 32 March Sequence L + R
Interlude: 32 Split Ball Sequence (Left)
Verse: 32 (Spell) Easy Walk (Left)
Chorus: 32 Back to OB Base Position and Paradiddle SB*

Beg. SB left

Chorus: 32* 3 March Sequence till the end…. R+L / L+R / R+L  © Drums Alive ®-Jackson