Warming Up – Mobilization

Warming Up – Mobilization
Playing the Piano

For finger mobilization and fine motor skill activation, start by slightly pressing the thumbs on the ball followed by the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger.  Repeat this a few times as if you were playing the piano.Add:  Reverse the sequence.Add:  Using sets or “pairs” of fingers;  thumb and middle finger, index and ring finger, middle finger and pinky finger.

Ball Press

Begin by pressing the ball with both hands on the side as if you were trying to squeeze the ball.   Begin  slowly, then with a quicker tempo and more added pressure.  Keep the wrist straight (an extension of the arms).

Add: Pressing the Top of the ball.

Kneading the Bread

Holding your hands in a fist, begin by pressing your fist into the ball slowly and firmly.  This action is done rhythmically as if you were kneading bread alternating from right to left fist.

Tip:  If participants have arthritic issues, you may want to perform exercises without the ball.