Wellness Drumming – Remo Inc.

While the foundations of wellness are unique to each of us, when it comes to our basic needs, we share much in common. Physical, emotional and spiritual components of well-being are sacred and inseparable.

According to Alicia Clair, Ph.D., MT-BC, Professor and the Director of Music Therapy at the University of Kansas, “Customarily people have interpreted good health as the absence of illness or disease, but more recently wellness has come to a new meaning, feeling as good as one can feel regardless of diagnosis. This new interpretation of wellness is reflected in a shift from medical professional control and management to individuals’ assumed responsibility for ‘feeling good.’ It is broadly understood that ‘being well’ results from engagement in activities that lead to and maintain health.”

Group drumming harnesses so many elements of wellness in one activity that anyone can enjoy. According to Karl Bruhn, Father of the Music-Making and Wellness Movement, “Without the obstacle of a challenging learning curve, group drumming is an enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling activity from the start for young and old alike. From exercise, nurturing and social support, to intellectual stimulation, spirituality and stress reduction, group drumming stimulates creative expression that unites our minds, bodies and spirits!”

Drums Alive meets Remo Belli Founder & CEO, Remo Inc.