Wellness Drumming

The goal of Wellness Beats is to move the participants physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Brain health improves by the use of cross-over patterning, right & left brain hemisphere work and increasing the alpha wave amplitude. Increased alpha wave amplitude is shown to decrease stress and improve feelings of well-being. In Wellness Beats participants are allowed to feel empowerment and a connection with themselves as well as those around them—this is a time of no judgment and no expectations.

Wellness Beats can utilize different Mind Body Techniques to help improve alpha wave amplitude and over all well-being (such as Yoga Beats, Pilates Beats, or relaxing drumming). Choice of music will set the mood for this part of the class. Select a slower droning tempo with a variety of music styles to accomplish a feeling of connection, empowerment and peace.

Trance Beats are also another option of Wellness drumming. Tribal Music lends itself nicely to this type of drumming and moving.

Remember, complex choreography is not the goal of Wellness Drumming. The class time for Wellness Drumming depends upon the goals of your specific class but can last between 5 and 60 minutes. The BPM varies between 120 – 130 BPM or faster.

Focus Points:

  • Keep the rhythms and movement patterns simple and easy to follow.
  • Make patterns repeatable.
  • Allow for times of inner focus and self awareness.
  • Allow participants to close their eyes to feel the rhythms and movement.
  • Make movements simple and decrease range of motion.
  • Provide free time for creative expression.
  • Consider partner and/or group dynamics.
  • Implement stress reduction.
  • Relax and allow the alpha waves to be activated!

Safety Tips:

  • Please secure the scarves on the ends of the drumsticks safely and securely. An example of how to do this can be found on the Drums Alive® You Tube Channel.
  • Follow the Drums Alive® safety tips provided in this and other Drums Alive® Manuals.


Wellness Drumming Choreography

Drums Alive Bambini Beats Vol1
Music Title: AthenaCD: Drums Alive Bambini Beats Vol. 1

DVD: Golden Beats Class Design

Formation/Ball Setup: Military/Block

Choreography: Carrie Ekins / Hanka Kühn

Approx. 4×6 Introduction Just listen to the introduction
4×6 Music Intro Listen to the 6/8 rhythm and sway R & L in rhythm
8×6 Verse Raising the Drumsticks with scarves tied to the end of the stick overhead and back down to the side of the ball
8×6 Raise sticks overhead to Right and DB, Repeat L

Repeat 4×6

8x68x6 2x DB, 4x SB

Repeat 4×6

Repeat 8×6

16×6 Chorus Drum Single Beats to the rhythm


Verse 2xDB, 4xSB


16×6 Chorus Drum Single Beats to the rhythm
8×6 Interlude Fast tempo drumming (small movements)
8×6 Verse Triplets

Drumming fast 3x Right (cts. 1,2,3), 3x Left (cts. 4,5,6)


Add: Body Sway Right with Right Drumming, Left with Left Drumming

 32×6 2x DB 4x SB


2x DB, 4x SB

16×6 Chorus Drum Single Beats to the rhythm
8×6 Powerful Drumming

SB Power Drumming

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