You’re a Licensed Drums Alive Instructor…What Now?

Congratulations on completing the Drums Alive Basic Course. We’re excited to have you teaching Drums Alive and we can’t wait to hear about the great things you will accomplish!

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Your course completion comes with a one year license to teach the Drums Alive program. You have multiple ways to extend your license while learning more about the Drums Alive program.

One way is through the Drums Alive membership. The Drums Alive membership provides all our instructors with new and useful resources that they can use to energize their classes. It also keeps your license active as long as you are a part of the membership. In your case, since you just completed and you have a full year of your license. If you join the membership, time will be added to the end of your license. Enrollment for the membership opens the 1st-3rd of each month. You can find out more about the Drums Alive membership and its features through the link below.


You can also extend your license and continue your Drums Alive learning through one of our additional courses and curricula. NOTE: purchasing the Rhythm In Motion curriculum does not extend your license.


The Drums Alive Golden Beats course is designed for those that work with Seniors. Golden Beats provides a way to improve motivation, fitness adherence, and has enhanced older individuals’ lives. Healthy active adults who are mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially engaged will enjoy independence, live longer, and enjoy a higher quality of life. George Burns says it best, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”

The DRUMTASTIC BASIC CURRICULUM has a well-rounded selection of 110 lesson plans and Teacher Cue Cards which align to Physical Education and Music Education National Standards. The program includes a one-year subscription to on-line access to all of the DRUMTASTIC Lesson Plans and their supporting resources, new ideas, updates, and technical support. We offer the full DRUMTASTIC kit as well as a version with fewer lesson plans and resources, the DRUMTASTIC mini Kit

The DRUMTASTIC® Mathematics In Motion curriculum kit contains lesson plans and activities that use the Drums Alive program to enhance and reinforce students’ learning of math. It provides a kinesthetic learning experience together with the power of music, movement, and rhythm to help students comprehend abstract math concepts.

Drums Alive® Rhythm in Motion is a symposium of the body and mind that explores movement, rhythm, and self-expression, with the celebration of music at its core. The activities presented in the Rhythm in Motion Kit provide an exploratory and creative environment for magic, motion, and music! NOTE: purchasing the Rhythm In Motion curriculum does not extend your license.