Drums Alive® Golden Beats Research Studies


The results presented here are only excerpts from the published study and reflect the DA group with less comorbidity and greater independence / mobility [ProSeniore group] with n = 9.

Resting blood pressure

The systolic blood pressure in the Drums Alive group decreased significantly from 145 to 135 mmHg [p <0.046] and diastolic pressure of 76 to 71 mmHg [p <0.036].

Responsiveness: Rod Drop Test

Likewise, there was a highly significant improvement in rod drop test [p <0.001] of 65.51 ± 15.00 [cm] to 47.64 ± 16.93 [cm].

Functional motor skills: Chair-raise test
The Chair-raise test, a significant improvement recorded [p <0.009]. 9 ± 4 to 11 ± 4 reps.

Daily motor skills: walking test

In the 6-minute walk test, the subjects improved significantly from 293m [± 67.60] to 337m [± 95.11].

Cognition: short-term memory test

In the short-term memory test, to be reminded in the number of rows needed, there was also a significant increase [p <0.05] of 5 ± 2 to 6 ± 1 Series.


Possible treatment option for vertigo

Medical Director Dr. Markus Bassler is still convinced that the therapy “more than meets the eye at first sight.” This specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy builds upon Wright’s statements on the cognitive effects of drumming. Bassler also argues that a patient could be treated for anxiety frequent vertigo, a central processing disorder in the brain, using this as a way to control the symptom. Bassler hopes for many more successes through this drum therapy.

He also believes that drum therapy –  “Therapy Beats” could increase the emotional accessibility of the patients to open up as well as improve patient-therapist relationship.

Ärzte Zeitung Verlags-GmbH – 02.09.2011


Drums Alive® in the age-specific variation “Golden Beats” has slightly positive hemodynamic effects as can be expected in other sporting activities. In particular, the everyday motor changes in the area of getting up, walking, and responsiveness are positive. The equilibrium performance is also promising.  This study proved significant physiological effects in the Drums Alive® exercise session, gave hints on a positive effect on concentration performance, and demonstrated a clear link between cognitive function and motor skill, task performance and skill complexity.



Researchers in the Study

Prof. Dr. Markus Bassler. MD

Institute for Social Medicine, Rehabilitation Sciences and Healthcare Research

Frankfurt am Main and surroundings, Germany


Dr. Peter Wright

Program Lead Sport & Coaching Sciences

Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Oxford Brookes University

Gipsy Lane




Before Peter was at Chemnitz, Univ.  (Assistant to the Department Chair)


Professor Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer