How is Golden Beats different from Drums Alive Basic?

This Drums Alive® Golden Beats Instructor online home study course is designed to build on the knowledge and skills you’ve gained from the Drums Alive® Basic Instructor Training (Either the live training or the online home study course) and provide you, the INSTRUCTOR, with the knowledge and practical applications of the Drums Alive® Golden Beats program.  This course will explore the theory behind the method and deliver new skills and innovative activities that are engaging and motivating for everyone.   

· Introduction to Drums Alive® Golden Beats

· Exercise and Older Adults

· Medical / Physiological Effects and Benefits of Drumming

· Golden Beats and Brain-Body Fitness

· Physiological Fundamentals of Sport for the Elderly

· Class Design and Practical Applications

· Fitness and Health

· Rhythm and Drumming

· Brain Beats and Socialization

· Wellness Beats and Relaxation