5. Stress

Drumming is a powerful and FUN experience, and as a result releases endorphins, which fight negative feelings. When you are beating the drum you are completely present in the here and now. Your entire consciousness is directed onto the drum, and toward the rhythms which you are creating, reducing negative and disturbing feelings. Meditative drumming has been shown to increase the alpha brain waves, which are linked to well-being and feelings of euphoria.

Dr. Barry Quinn, a licensed clinical psychologist, used drumming to increase the alpha brain waves of his highly stressed patients. He discovered that at least 20% of the population does not have alpha brain waves. Alpha waves occur when the brain relaxes its brain wave pattern. Most individuals should be producing this brain wave pattern when they close their eyes and relax the mind.

“There are benefits associated with alpha waves, such as the ability to relax and keep the mind on idle when it is not focusing on a specific task. People with lower than normal amounts of alpha or no alpha have much more mental stress than other people,” states Quinn, who discovered that after 30 minutes of drumming, patients had created or increased their alpha wave level, where little or none existed before. Since drumming creates alpha waves, which in turn assists patients in dealing with their pain, its positive effects have been utilized in treating Parkinson’s disease, drug therapy, psychological conditions such as bipolar disturbances and schizophrenia, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular and chronic lung diseases, post-traumatic stress disorder, Down syndrome and multiple scleroses.

The rhythm of life is a symphony and expression of our soul. When we drum our inner voice resounds. Our energy raises, vitality improves and our emotions are exhilarated. Group drumming opens the doors of communication and allows us to speak where words often do not pass. Music, rhythm and dance enhance self-esteem, ensure a healthy workout, stimulate our minds, boost our creative potential, make us laugh and connect us on many levels.