Drumming Strong

Provide a unique and fun application of strength, toning and core work with the use of rhythms and drumming.  The opportunities of integrating these aspects into your Drums Alive® workout are endless and will provide you and your students a new way of staying fit on multiple levels.

Pay close attention to proper form and proper biomechanics. Keep the movements functional and appropriate for your clientele. When adding rhythms, make sure that they are not too complicated and or difficult to follow.


Ideas for drumming, strength and core work:

  • Lunges and Lunge variations combining core and upper body work
  • Squats including a variety of upper body work
  • Plyometric Training – Skater, Skier, Squat Thrust, Mountain Climbers
  • Drumming Sit Ups – Sitting on the ball
  • Drumming Sit Ups – Sitting on the floor
  • Rotational and Inclination work both sitting on the ball or on the floor
  • Push Ups- Teeter Totter, Back Extensions
  • Lower Body – strength and power exercises on the ball

Combining drumming and strength work provides variety and an excellent way to bring new elements into not only your Drums Alive® program but your traditional group fitness classes as well. Remember to follow the rules set forth by the ACSM for a safe and efficient strength program.