Drumstick Skills

Fine Motor Drumstick Skills

  • Walk fingers up the drumsticks: (pull drumsticks toward you – then push drumsticks away)
  • Walk fingers down the drumsticks: (same as above)
  • Walking drumsticks in opposition (R from the Top – L from the Bottom)


Holding the Drumsticks

  • Wrist Action – keep wrists loose
  • Without drumming – move drumsticks around, air drum, make circles by only moving wrists, etc.
  • With drumming on the ball



Hold the drumstick loosely, then release at chest height and catch drumsticks at hip level.



Hold the drumsticks loosely; carefully throw drumsticks a few inches up and slightly up not directly in front of the face (very small movements) and catch them.



Hold the drumsticks loosely- toss one drumstick so that it flips and lands tip up in the hand.   Repeat Left.   Once participants are able to do this without a lot of errors try flipping both drumsticks at the same time. (Advanced: Flip drumsticks in opposition)