Wellness Beats

The goal of Wellness Beats is to move the participants physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Brain health improves from the use of crossover patterning, right & left brain hemisphere work, and increasing the alpha wave amplitude. Increased alpha wave amplitude is shown to decrease stress and improve feelings of well-being. In Wellness Beats, participants feel empowered and strengthen the “connection” with themselves as well as with those around them—this is a time free of judgments and expectations.

Wellness Beats will use a slower, droning tempo of different music styles to accomplish a feeling of connectedness, as well as feeling empowered and peaceful.

(Trance and Slower rhythmical beats) – This journey can last around 10 – 15 min. The Drumbeat is around 120 – 130 BPM.

  • Keep the rhythms and movement patterns simple and easy to follow.
  • Make patterns repeatable.
  • Allow for times of Inner focus and self-awareness.
  • Allow participants to close their eyes to feel the rhythms and movement.
  • Decrease range of motion.
  • Provide free time for creative expression.
  • Consider partner and/or group dynamics.

The focus points during the Wellness Beats portion are as above, plus:

  • Promote spatial awareness and working (drumming) together with a partner.
  • Promote a sense of belonging (through partner and/or group dynamics.